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Cruising into 2024: America’s Top Car Picks

As we steer into the new year, car enthusiasts are eagerly eyeing the latest models that promise innovation, performance, and style. From compact SUVs to zippy sedans, the automotive landscape is brimming with exciting choices. Buckle up as we explore the cream of the crop for 2024!

Buick Envista:

Highlights: High-end appearance, well-controlled ride, surprisingly low price tag.

Considerations: Poky acceleration, no all-wheel drive option, interior not quite up to luxury-car standards.

Verdict: An attractive and low-cost option among small SUVs

Chevrolet Trax:

Highlights: More Trax for the money, increased legroom, CVT-free zone.

Considerations: RS trim lacks performance boost, sluggish acceleration, and transmission.

Verdict: Solid return on equipment and space, though performance sacrifices keep the price low

Hyundai Kona:

Highlights: Cool new look, spunky road manners, roomier cabin.

Considerations: Base engine acceleration is poky, driving demeanor not as charming as previous model, slightly more expensive.

Verdict: The updated Kona remains a strong value despite the price increase.

Car Model

Starting price

Buik Envista

$ 24,900

Chevrolet Trax

$ 21,400

Hyundai Kona

$ 23,500

Remember, choosing the right car is a personal journey. Whether you’re after luxury, efficiency, or practicality, these vehicles offer something for everyone. Happy cruising! 🚗✨

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